August 2023

A Spot of Murder

A Spot of Murder by Geoff Bamber flyer

When faded theatrical diva, Corrina Marcham, senses that she is in great danger, she calls in Detective Inspector Trench to investigate a murder that hasn’t been committed yet – her own!

With the suspects, marooned at the Marchams’ isolated house because of a storm, Corrina ensures that Trench’s journey has not been wasted by conveniently dying.

Has Corrina simply died of fright after an alarming Tarot card reading? Has she committed suicide in a bout of thespian depression, or has she really been murdered? And by whom? Somebody with something to gain? Somebody with something to hide? Or simply somebody she had upset?

Can Trench and the eager PC Pendlebury uncover the truth before they have to call in somebody else to do it properly?

A side-splitting performance of passion, poison and petrification!

Wed 30th August 2023 to Sat 2nd September 2023 at 7.30pm at The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre, Havant.