Welcome to Dynasty!

Dynasty Theatre is the newly re-formed company of Dynamo Seniors, which disbanded in 1992. We came together to try to set up the group as a way of continuing the Dynamo standard of performance we all know and love. The group was created as an outlet for ex-DYT members to continue performing, even after university, and also as a way to help support the current DYT membership.

Our aim is to put all the techniques we have learnt at DYT into our shows and to continue to aim for perfection. However, we have one significant difference. We are a self-run organisation. Any member that joins not only performs on the stage but also must aim to expand their knowledge of all aspects of theatre, whether it be backstage, up in the lighting box or front of house.

We are always looking for membership, as we are currently only 5 members. However, every ex-DYT member is eligible, and those who hold the coveted “Leavers’ Certificate” have a guaranteed all access pass. Although the group is primarily for ex-DYT members, we are also looking for new talent, so if you are interested, please do enquire.

Our first performance is in July 2010, but we want Dynasty Theatre to continue for many years. But we need people to continue to come back to do that. So if you are interested, let us know, and come and see our shows. Not only do we need your support but we also want to show you exactly what we are aiming to achieve.

We meet every Thursday at St. Faith’s Church Hall, The Pallant, Havant, at 7.30pm until 10pm.

The administration and membership conditions are in the Membership Handbook

please download an Application form

How to contact us: E-mail Callum West at mail@dyt.org.uk

Members’ Profiles

Callum West – Company Leader

Dynamo member 2001-2007

Callum is the current Company Leader of Dynasty. He was a member of Dynamo Youth Theatre for the full 7 years, and received his leavers’ certificate in September 200You may remember him as “Uncle Ernie” in ‘Tommy’, or “Reverend Thomas Stanley” in ‘Roses of Eyam’. Since leaving DYT, Callum has been continuing his love of acting with local companies such as Bench Theatre, Curtain Call and Cloak & Dagger Theatre.

Along with directing Bouncers and managing Dynasty, Callum is currently rehearsing for “Reefer Madness”, a musical being performed by Vie Boheme Productions at the end of May in The

Uncle Enrnie

Spring, for which Matt Sackman is the Musical Director, and Josh Francis is also performing. This is Callum’s directorial debut, and is hoping it will not be the last!

Callum is also currently applying to drama schools in the hope that he can make a career in the business. He is continually looking to expand his theatre experience and always hoping to get into professional work.

Josh Francis

Dynamo member 2002-2008

Josh started Dynamo aged 11, although the youngest in his year, he soon found himself bonding with all different ages within Dynamo. His favourite role was that of William Mompesson in Rose of Eyam, even though this was his greatest acting challenge, trying to keep control while those around him, including his wife, were dying.

Since leaving Dynamo Josh has gone on to complete a BTEC National Diploma with Triple

As Les in Bouncers

Distinction grades, and both Silver and Gold LAMDA Acting Awards, also with Distinction. He has also been working professionally at the

many Festivals at Goodwood Race Course, as well as working and participating in other performances.

After Bouncers Josh hopes to apply for Drama school for September 2011, in the mean time he will continue to look for professional work and continue to build Dynasty’s reputation.



Matt Sackman

Dynamo member 2000-2005

Although Matt started DYT late, he quickly established himself as a keen member of the group. Matt continued to impress and landed such roles as “Jesus Christ” in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and “Jean Valjean” in ‘Les Miserables’.

Since he left the group after he received his “Leavers’ Certificate”, Matt has continued to expand his theatre expertise. Matt is a qualified vocal coach, and has been Musical Director on a number of shows, including “Reefer Madness” being shown in May at The Spring.

Eric in Bouncers

When he’s not busy behind the stage, Matt loves to be on it, appearing in “Rent” last year, and “Half A Sixpence” at the end of April. Matt has also just been asked to perform in CCADS performance of “Beauty and the Beast” in June. When Matt is not found in the theatre, he will most likely be found on one stage or another, either with his band, or at Portsmouth University, continuing to study for his degree in drama.


Simon Gardiner

Dynamo member 1997-2004Simon was a member of Dynamo from the earliest age possible, and was always a keen member. Simon loved to act, and showed his skill with such roles as “Shlomo” in ‘Fame’, and “Brian” in ‘No Sex Please – We’re British!’

Simon received his “Leavers’ Certificate” in 2004 and went straight to university.

As Ralph in Bouncers

This is the first public performance that Simon has done since leaving DYT and is looking forward to it. When he is not acting, Simon loves to travel, and can often be found snowboarding!


Dave Burns

Dynamo member 1997-2004

Like Simon, Dave was a member of Dynamo from the earliest age, and showed his enthusiasm throughout his 7 years.

Dave showed great comedic talents, and proved this as “Joe Vegas” in ‘Fame’. But he also showed he could act with the best of them as “Caiaphas” in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, and managed to pull off the deep voice needed for the role. Since receiving his “Leavers’ Certificate”, Dave has been to university and has completed his BA Hons in Film Studies and Communication Studies.

As Judd in Bouncers

Dave also has a passion of DJ-ing, and can be found in local pubs and clubs raving it up! Dave has even created special tracks for our first show “Bouncers”.