September 2014

I was in Dynamo from 94-98

Hello! I was browsing the internet and I was delighted to stumble across this. I was in Dynamo from 94-98, my first show was West Side Story, my last was Confusions and my highlight was doing Mean Old Man at the Kings. I just wanted to say thank you for such great experience. I work in entertainment now and there’s no doubt those Mondays and Christmas holidays spent at Dynamo helped me do that.
I’m so pleased to see Andrew got to Buckingham Palace for his efforts – totally deserved! It really is a wonderful company and I’m really glad to hear it’s still going strong. Big love to Andrew (who will always continue to have terrifying and adorable legendary status in my mind!), John Gleadhall, Tony and anyone else who may still be involved from 20 years ago. Thank you for all the dedication you’ve put in. It was such a great start for me and full of many happy memories.
Liz Peters x