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The Highwayman – Jan 2019

The Highwayman is the sixth successful musical from John Gleadall & Greg Mosse – an exciting, atmospheric and memorable story of 18th century highway robbery, love, poverty and wealth. Like Daisy & Marvin Save the Day, their last Dynamo Youth Theatre musical, The Highwayman is packed with memorable ‘singalong’ songs. The exciting story ends with an extraordinary tragic climax – all of it inspired by the wonderful narrative poem of the same name by Alfred Noyes.

Wednesday 9th to Saturday 12th January 2019  with a matinee on the 12th too

Ticket prices are £12.00 and £9.00 for under 18s

Buy tickets here

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The Flint Street Nativity – Sept 2018

Tickets are now on sale for this year’s sixth form show The Flint Street Nativity, 5th – 8th Sept 2018 at The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre, East Street, Havant.

Please click here to be taken to The Spring’s booking system where you can purchase tickets

The play is set in the fictitious Flint Street Primary School. It focuses on the seven- and eight-year-old pupils in that evening’s sole performance of the school nativity play, from the pre-performance classroom preparations to the final stage performance, which culminates in calamity.

There are inevitable mishaps, misunderstandings, young egos, fears of failure and fallings out. The children’s characters eventually evolve into mirror images of their parents when the actors all appear as their parents (the play’s audience) at the post-show gathering.


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Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass – Jan 2018

by Lewis Carroll, adapted for the stage by Adrian Mitchell

An amateur production presented  by special arrangement with  Samuel French.

Lewis Carroll’s timeless children’s stories Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There are magically brought to life in this adaptation by Adrian Mitchell, commissioned and first produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company. The amazing Lobster Quadrille, the Queen of Hearts’ infamous croquet match and the Mad Hatter’s tea party are just a few of the remarkable events and characters in this enchanting play.

7.30pm Evening, Wednesday 10th January 2018

7.30pm Evening, Thursday 11th January 2018

7.30pm Evening, Friday 11th January 2018

2.30pm Matinee & 7.30pm Evening, Saturday 13th January 2018

2.30pm Matinee, Sunday 14th January 2018
at The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre, East Street, Havant, PO9 1BS
Tickets are £8 & £10 023 9247 2700

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Daisy Pulls It Off – September 2017

Daisy Pulls It Off

Dynamo Youth Theatres six form show for 2017 will be ‘Daisy Pulls It Off’

‘Daisy Pulls It Off’ is a comedy play by Denise Deegan. It is a parody of wholesome adventure stories about life in a 1920s girls’ English boarding school,

We will be performing from the 6th to the 9th September 2017 show time 19:30 at The Spring Arts Centre, East Street, Havant

Tickets available via The Spring Box Office or on 023 9247 2700

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Goodnight Mister Tom – July 2017

Dynamo Youth Theatre  performed ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ from the 5th – 8th July 2017 in the Pallant Centre, The Pallant, Havant.

Show times: 19:30 with a 14:30 Matinee on the 8th

Now a modern classic, Michelle Magorian’s wonderfully uplifting tale is brought gloriously to life in this magical stage adaptation by David Wood. Set during the dangerous build up to the Second World War, Goodnight Mister Tom follows young William Beech, who is evacuated to the idyllic English countryside and forges a remarkable and heart warming friendship with the elderly recluse, Tom Oakley.  All is perfect until William is suddenly summoned by his mother back to London.

One of the most uplifting stories ever written, Michelle Magorian’s stunning Goodnight Mister Tom is brought gloriously to life in this stage adaptation by David Wood – the UK’s ‘National Children’s Dramatist’ (The Times).


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Find Me – Sept 2016

How can you be found when you’re lost inside yourself?
Olwen Wymark’s drama ‘Find Me’ tells the true story of Verity Taylor.
At the age of twenty, Verity was charged by the police with damage by fire. Later, she was committed to Broadmoor “from where she may not be discharged without permission of the Home Secretary.”
Using the techniques of multiple characterizations, ‘Find Me’ seeks to investigate, in depth, the developing personality of the young girl – to ‘find her’ – and, at the same time, explores the effects of her behaviour on those around her.

Dynamo Youth Theatres production of ‘Find Me’ will run from September 7th to the 10th 2016 at The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre, 56 East Street, Havant, PO9 1BS






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Roses of Eyam July 2016

From Wed 13-16 July 2016 we will be performing ‘The Roses of Eyam’ by Don Taylor, a play largely based on the events that happened in the ‘Plague Village’ of Eyam in Derbyshire, between September 1665 and December 1666.

We are fortunate enough to be performing this play in the fantastic setting of St. Faiths Church and it’s Church Yard in West Street, Havant . With performances from the July to the , shows start at 7:30 and tickets are available from our website or by phoning 023 9245 4244

This performance is not recommended for under 10s and will include a promenade section around the Church yard which may not be suitable for those with restricted mobility.

The Great Plague that swept Britain in 1665/66.

The Roses of Eyam programme The Roses of Eyam programme2 The Roses of Eyam programme3 The Roses of Eyam programme4 The Roses of Eyam programme5 The Roses of Eyam programme6 The Roses of Eyam programme7 The Roses of Eyam programme8

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Daisy & Marvin Save the Day, Jan 2016

Daisy and Marvin Save the Day

The World Premier of ‘Daisy & Marvin Save the Day’ opened last night in St. Faiths Hall, Havant.

As Havant Dynamo Youth Theatre approach their 35th anniversary later this year, they are staging an ambitious brand new show at St Faith’s Church Hall, Havant, this week. With the title ‘Daisy and Marvin Save the Day’ the show is a play written by Greg Mosse with music by John Gleadall. Both author and composer are local – Greg lectures at Chichester University and John is well known for teaching and composing music in Havant.

The really exciting aspect of this production is the direction of the show by the senior members of the Company and the transformation of the Church Hall. Led by sixth former Gaby Luck, the members have enhanced the script with their development of the characters, choreographed the dance and fight scenes and set the staging of the scenes under the watchful eye of Andrew Bowker, Dynamo’s Artistic Director. Andrew commented “A big part of the Dynamo experience is that our young people are given the opportunity to develop themselves by taking creative responsibilities as well as acting”.

The adult volunteers have converted the hall into a theatre with raked seats and extended the stage to provide the space for the more than 50-strong cast to showcase their dramatic talent.

Although the Saturday evening and matinee performances are sold out, some tickets are still available for the 7:30pm shows on  Thursday 7th and Friday 8th. Tickets are £8, concessions £6 available online from or by phone on 023 9245 4244

daisyMarvin_programme daisyMarvin_programme3 daisyMarvin_programme2 daisyMarvin_programme7 daisyMarvin_programme6 daisyMarvin_programme5 daisyMarvin_programme4 daisyMarvin_programme8 daisyMarvin_programme12 daisyMarvin_programme11 daisyMarvin_programme10 daisyMarvin_programme9 Daisy and Marvin Save the Day January 2016 (345) Daisy and Marvin Save the Day January 2016 (305)

Daisy and Marvin Save the Day
Daisy and Marvin Save the Day
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A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2015


Wednesday 2 – Saturday 5 September 2015, 7.30pm

Fairies, love potions, kings, queens, star-crossed lovers, mischievous spirits and an ass’s head can mean only one thing – A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Come and be enchanted by this all-female version of Shakespeare’s evergreen comedy, which showcases the departing Dynamo seniors in their final performance.

The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre

Wednesday 2 – Saturday 5 September 2015, 7.30pm

Tickets £9, Concessions £7 Buy One Get One Free Wednesday 2 September

Box Office 023 9247 2700