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Sparkleshark 2015

‘Sparkleshark’,  from Wednesday 8th May until Saturday 9th May 2015

Welcome to our May show, “Sparkle Shark” by Philip Ridley which I am delighted to say is Directed by two ex members Barney Walsh (Director) and Zac Cuthbertson (Assistant Director). On behalf of the group I would like to offer our thanks for all of their hard work in bringing their interpretation of this play together.


The Sparkleshark Programme

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The Snow Queen 2015


I’m delighted that you’ll be performing my adaptation of “The Snow Queen” in January – thank you for choosing it. Have fun! That’s a most impressive and eye-catching heading to your web site – would you allow me to post it on my Facebook page?

Best wishes, Ron


The Assistant Directors for the show, all of the above assistant directors who are also members of the cast have done a wonderful job of combining directing with acting in the show.

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The foreigner 2014

From the Chair

A warm welcome to DYT’s annual Sixth Form leavers play. This year we are performing Larry Shue’s play “The Foreigner” a comedy set in the deep south of America.

The Six Form Show is the pinnacle of DYT membership, the last show a member will perform with us so the shows are chosen for their ability to stretch the cast, bringing all of their hard earned acting skills to the fore. A reward for staying the course and a reminder of their time with us, we wish them all the best with their chosen paths as they launch into the big wide world.

Can I also take this opportunity to thank all of the back stage crew listed in this programme, whose hard work has made the show possible, working round the difficult availability constraints at holiday time.

Richard Watts

Chairman, Dynamo Youth Theatre

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From the Director

Welcome to Dynamo’s annual Sixth Form production, which as always, aims to celebrate the many years of membership of the Senior members of the Company who are about to “retire” and embark on the next stage of their lives.

For those of us who have known these young people for many years, this production causes us mixed feelings. While we’re obviously very proud and aware of their commitment and personal development during their combined service of almost 50 years, saying farewell to such a talented section of the Company, will leave a large hole that will be naturally hard to fill.

Once again this year, a comedy is the favoured performance option by the cast, so hopefully tonight’s performance of “The Foreigner” will meet their aspirations.

Working intensively for a period of two weeks, a production of this type offers our members a different learning experience, especially in the sense of adopting a “method” approach towards the development of personal characterisation. Indeed, as I write these notes, the cast have just experienced a visit to the Spinnaker Tower, where they have had to convince the innocent general public of their American personalities!

I would like to thank the whole cast, for both their enthusiasm and professionalism during the rehearsal period, as well as our long suffering backstage crew, who have given up so much of their spare time, to try and ensure that our Senior members are given the most positive experience possible.

Thank you for your support tonight.

Andrew Bowker

Artistic Director, Dynamo Youth Theatre


Froggy LeSuer – Chris Thomas

Charlie Baker –Harry Stroud

Betty Meeks –Lucy Wickham

Rev David Marshall Lee –Rufus Cameron

Catherine Simms –Rachel Hogarth

Owen Musser –Barney Walsh

Elland Simms –Josh Bennett


Front of House –Tricia Roberts, Jayne Green

Health and Safety –Tony Goodbody, Mo Whiting

Photographs –Paul Burrows

Hair and make-up –Linda Stimpson and cast

Set Design –Graham Frost

Set Construction –Nigel Wade, Wayne Thomas, Kevin West, Nick Haward, Richard Watts, Dan Stroud, Hugh Cairns, Ivor Copeland, Callum Cairns, Mal Sturgess

Set Painting –Bev Wade, Jennie Wade,
Mark Remnant, Beth Howard, Sally Stroud,
Sarah Sweatman, The Cast

Costumes –Kate Walsh

Lights –Barry Fletcher

Sound –Ben Fletcher

Programme Design –Alex Booth

Properties –Lynne Rough, Mary Fletcher

Publicity –Lucy Flannery, Richard Watts, Tricia Roberts, Alex Booth

Stage Management –Callum Cairns, Tony Goodbody

Production Manager –Mo Whiting

Director –Andrew Bowker


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Where The Poppies Fall 2014

Rehearsals have started for our next show “Where the Poppies Fall” an original workshop production, to commemorate the Centenary of world war one, written and directed by Havant Dynamo Youth Theatre members.

The show will be performed at St. Faiths Hall, The Pallant, Havant on the 18th, 19th and 20th July

Tickets are priced at £8.00 and will be available from our web site soon.

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Nil By Mouth 2013

"Nil By Mouth"
HDYT presents Nil By Mouth

Dynamo’s next show will be the acclaimed comedy by John Chapman “Nil By Mouth” performances are from the 4th September to the 7th 2013. Ticket prices £8, concessions £6 available from the Spring Arts and Heritage Centre, East Street, Havant 023 9247 2700 We hope to see you there.

Nil By Mouth

Havant Dynamo Youth Theatre

The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre Havant Hampshire

* * * *

Irresistibly watchable hospital based farce

At a time when over 3,000 complaints a week are made by hospital patients, John Chapman’s hilarious comedy could not be more appropriate.  Set at the weekend in the under-staffed under-funded St Christopher’s NHS hospital, this highly amusing farce is a catalogue of disasters from mistaken identities to wrongful diagnosis!  Utter confusion ensues with wards named after poets, patients with poet’s names and an unscheduled hospital assessment inspection right up to the imaginatively choreographed curtain call.

Graham Frost’s impressive set of cubicle curtained hospital beds and well sourced props that include bleeping screen, mobile drip-feed and flashing alarm alongside accurate costumes give great authenticity to the comedy.  Under the direction of founder Andrew Bowker, this hugely talented fledgling cast of 12, though not exactly restoring our faith in the NHS, positively provided the best medicine ~ in the form of non stop laughter.  These sixth-formers, now about to embark on their future adventures, university et al, have amassed a wealth of confidence and commitment during their years with this impressive youth theatre group, consistently encouraged and nurtured by a large energetic support crew.

A capacity crowd enjoyed this very funny production with special mention for Lizzie Brewster (who also co directed) who remained motionless virtually throughout as the ill-fated Miss Taplow ~ a remarkable feat.  Callum Cairrns excelled as the elderly long-suffering doctor of divinity Dr Hilary Keats, married to the incessantly vocal Evelyn so admirably played by Ellie Weaver who gave voice to much demented chatter!  Zack Cuthbertson clearly relished his role as the dishy flustered doctor and fine performances too from the nurses Jess Barnes (Nurse Dolores) with Amy Larham (Sister Downing) and Claire Copeland (Sister Roughton) mimicking strong realistic accents.

There is much to commend this young cast who should feel justly proud of the comic mileage teased out from their brilliant production of this modern medical farce and I wish them well on their chosen future paths.

Jill Lawrie


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One pride… one people, The Kings April 2013

One Pride One People goes to the Kings!

From Mo: I would like to say a big ‘thankyou’ to all the people who helped in any way to make ‘One Pride One People’ the huge success that it was last night. When the curtain came down for the final time I realised we had just seen ‘the best ever’ performance of the show to date and I know that we will carry those memories for a very long time. The trials and tribulations of getting the show together disappeared after the standing ovations we received. The Kings Theatre team said we were the most organised and disciplined group of young people they had worked with in a long time and would welcome us back at any time. The overall experience for the Dynamo Youth Theatre cast will be everlasting. – Mo

One Pride, One People is a musical set against the background of real historical events that took place in Portsmouth during the First World War and its aftermath. On top of the traumas of the millions of casualties which touched every family, were the economic hardships which followed the War’s end. The much hoped-for environment of ‘Homes fit for Heroes’ didn’t happen and towns like Portsmouth which had been so vital to the War effort, found themselves in a spiral of job cuts and ever reducing wages which ultimately led to the General Strike of 1926.

One Pride, One People celebrates with stunning musical numbers, the spirit of the people, which kept the community and friendships alive, despite the unemployment and hardships.


one pride one people_programme kings7 one pride one people_programme kings6 one pride one people_programme kings5 one pride one people_programme kings4 one pride one people_programme kings3 one pride one people_programme kings2

From the Chair

Welcome to Dynamo Youth Theatre’s production of One Pride… One People. After the very successful run at The Spring in January, we are very excited that we have been offered the opportunity by The Kings to perform in this beautiful and historic theatre. We are sure the cast will rise to the occasion of performing in a professional theatre on a night they will remember all their lives.

This is the second time that Dynamo have performed at The Kings. Back in the last century (Easter 1998 to be precise) we performed another John Gleadall musical, Mean Old Man – a show with a very different theme than One Pride. Both projects have the same objectives, though: to give the audience an entertaining night out, showcase the members’ talents and the capability of the whole organisation to produce a professional show.

In the 15 years since we were last at The Kings, there has been a lot of water under the Dynamo bridge. Dynamo has changed considerably – we are now based in St Faith’s Church Hall, have become a registered charity and have performed in a number of very different venues, all keen to welcome us. Despite the changes to where we rehearse and perform, our purpose of providing a creative environment where young people can develop their skills and talents and realise their potential, remains the same.

This continuing success can only be achieved with the help of the adults who give up huge amounts of their spare time to work backstage, organise and administer the Company and, of course, creatively direct the Company.  A massive thank you to all of them.

Our enthusiasm to push the company forward centres on raising funds to secure a permanent base while continuing to keep members’ subscriptions at an affordable level. We would be very grateful if you could consider whether you could sponsor us – there should be a form with this programme.

Thank you for coming this evening. We all hope you enjoy the show and look forward to seeing you at our next production at The Spring in September.

Tony Goodbody

Chairman, Dynamo Youth Theatre

From the Director

The reviving of One Pride… One People after a gap of 10 years, has, I am sure, stirred a great many memories for the large number of us who were involved in the show the first time around.

For me, my mind wanders back to warm summer days spent in the Portsmouth Reference library and in listening to the personal accounts and recollections of a number of Portsea residents, as I learned first hand of the devastating effects of the First World War on the lives of everyone in the years immediately following the Armistice in 1918. With little in the way of welfare, pensions, quality education or health care, everyones lives were dominated by the need to hold down some sort of job, and for a city like Portsmouth, where so many men had contributed to the war effort by succeeding in the race to build the mightiest navy in the world,- the subsequent loss of jobs in the immediate post war period had a devastating effect on the city as a whole.

While the story of One Pride is fictitious in its specific characters, I am in no doubt that all the detail in the show is accurate, and is in no way too far fetched. The suffering endured by the citizens of Portsmouth in the 1920’s was, I believe unimaginable by today’s standards, but perhaps more importantly, the ever presence of real community in a crisis which never lets the human spirit die, transcends even the most hopeless of situations.

The whole world experienced major economic decline as a result of the First World War, but One Pride is unashamedly about our local city, and the strong feeling of pride we should feel towards all those people who have helped shape its form.

John Gleadall, myself and everyone here at DYT hope you enjoy the show.

Andrew Bowker

One Pride… One People


ne Pride… One People is a musical set against the background of real historical events that took place in Portsmouth during the First World War and its aftermath. On top of the traumas of the millions of casualties which touched every family, were the economic hardships which followed the War’s end. The much hoped-for environment of ‘Homes fit for Heroes’ didn’t happen and towns like Portsmouth which had been so vital to the War effort, found themselves in a spiral of job cuts and ever reducing wages which ultimately led to the General Strike of 1926.

One Pride… One People tells the story of two close families, the Hoopers and the Warrens and their friends and neighbours living in Jubilee Street in the centre of Portsmouth. It opens on Armistice Day, November 1918 and soon after the men who had fought in the war returned to their families. It was a time of hope and optimism that having fought such a terrible war, the working people of the country would be able to live and work in a land fit for heroes. The economic situation in Portsmouth deteriorates rapidly, resulting in mass unemployment with real poverty and hardship. The show shows the impact of this poverty on the relationships of the Hoopers and Warrens and the other residents of Jubilee Street while keeping the real economic context of the times as a background. The General Strike of 1926, with the divisions that were opened up between strikers and non-strikers, leads up to the finale of the show.

The brilliant and emotional songs bring to life the stubborn pride and unity of the people of Portsmouth and equally the bitterness of the returning servicemen who feel totally let down. One Pride… One People celebrates with stunning musical numbers, the spirit of the people, which kept the community and friendships alive, despite the unemployment and hardships.

About the authors

John Gleadall has now retired from full time teaching in order to concentrate on new compositions and the revision of many shows he has written for young people as Director of Music in six Secondary schools in South East Hampshire. His ‘Button Box’ musical (recently performed by Dynamo) is now staged around the world; John currently runs as well as writing for Starshine music.

Andrew Bowker, the Artistic Director of Dynamo is a teacher at Bosmere Junior School, and has written the story and characterisations. A self confessed Pompey patriot, the historical development of his home city has held a fascination for him (while the demise of Pompey FC has depressed him). The extensive local research he has done for the show is evident in the detail references in every scene.

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Out of Focus 2012

Wednesday 5th to Saturday 8th September 2012, 7:30pm
Dynamo Youth Theatre present
Out of Focus
By Peter Gordon

A series of over-bookings in the church hall causes confusion among the community hirers, all claiming their right to the booking. Finally everyone comes together, united in the common cause of producing a pantomime.
This cleverly crafted comedy includes a wonderful mix of characters, providing the Dynamo sixth formers with a superb play showcasing their skills.

Tickets available from the The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre,  56 East Street, Havant,

CONTACT 023 9247 2700  £8, £6 concessions

“Out Of Focus by Peter Gordon.
A cleverly crafted, hilarious comedy, Out Of Focus is set in the annexe of a church hall, where a series of over-bookings have led a wonderful mix of characters from the local community, to decend upon the hall. On this particular evening, there is a Brownie troupe meeting, a badminton game, table tennis, auditions for the vicar’s wife’s pantomime and an illustrated talk on locomotives, each claiming their rightful place to the booking. Confusion reigns until everyone finally unites for a common cause, the production of the pantomime.
Over the following weeks of rehearsals, alliances are formed and switched as the cast battle against the odds and opening night nears. Events finally culminate backstage after the final performance at the cast party, when everyone receives their just deserts….”