May 2016

Four Men and a Mountain

4 men and a mountain

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The plan so far which is subject to slight change.

Those involved. 3 of my colleagues from work, Dave Berry, Tim Bridle Adrian Lee and Me (Nigel Wade), we are all riding for our chosen charity with mine being Dynamo Youth Theatre.

Leave Portsmouth on the ferry at 23:15 on the 15/7/2016. Returning to Portsmouth at 2100 on the 23/7/2016

We will ride from Le Havre on the morning of the 16/7/2016 to the base of Le Mont Ventoux, a small town called Bedoin over 6 days. Arriving in Bedoin on Thursday 21/7. We will summit of le Mont Ventoux on Friday the 22/7. The plan is to meet the sponsor of the event, Paul the owner of Europafilter,  on the summit of the Ventoux on the Friday. This is probably for publicity photos. We will then descend the mountain and drive part of the way back toward Le Harvre and the ferry. This is to prevent having to leave Bedoin at 0400 on the Saturday. The AA route planner suggests an 8 hour drive back (We are still on the lookout for a driver who is happy driving a 14 seater minibus on the wrong side of the road, Must have D1 on their licence.) We have two windows of opportunity to summit the Ventoux,  Thursday, if we still have the strength after almost 100 miles enroute to Bedoin. The other is the Friday. The reason for two possible attempts is the weather is very changeable on the mountain. Mont Ventoux means “windy mountain” and speeds of 320KM have been recorded. I have given up trying to drive up the Ventoux on one occasion due to the wind and torrential rain. Yet in the valley it was hot and sunny. Please follow us on Facebook for updates, you can also donate here. Please support Nigel if you can, he is riding for funds towards our new home base appeal.

The route:-

Day 1 – Le Harve to Condeau – 92.6 miles
Day 2 – Condeau to Saint Viatre – 93.2 miles
Day 3 – Saint Viatre to Cosne D’Allier – 99 miles
Day 4 – Cosne D’Allier to Ambert – 98.3 miles
Day 5 – Ambert to Les Estables – 67.8 miles
Day 6 – Les Estables to Bedoin – 104.3 miles

Below are some YouTube clips to show you the Ventoux

The reason I am doing the ride is to add some funding to DYT towards their premises fund, please support me by donating here.