Membership Handbook

Havant Dynamo Youth Theatre Membership Handbook

Our aim is to encourage children and young people to perform to their highest personal ability in all aspects of the performing arts. To this end all members are encouraged to develop skills in co-operation, socialisation, communication and personal achievement.

Through the skills acquired in workshops and performance it is hoped that members will develop self-confidence and life skills. Members are valued for the contribution they make to the unity of the group; working for the team is more highly valued than individual ambition.

Although individual opinions are always considered, members are expected to fully accept the discipline imposed by theatre etiquette.

Our artistic policy is to present a high standard of dramatic entertainment which, hopefully, will appeal to a large cross-section of the public in the area. The Company also aims to move out into the community and perform in other theatres and schools to encompass a wider audience.

It is expected that prospective members will have relevant experience and/or a commitment to the aims and interests of the Company. Members are expected to maintain and display general enthusiasm towards their Company and its activities.

Havant Dynamo Youth Theatre is organised into Junior (11 to 18) and Senior (18 to 25) Companies. Both companies are resident at the St. Faiths Hall, The Pallant, Havant. It is a Company Limited by Guarantee governed by Memorandum and Articles of Association which are available from the Secretary on request.


HDYT: Havant Dynamo Youth Theatre – the name of the parent organisation. (The Company)
Dynamo / DYT: The company aged 11-18 within HDYT (the Junior Company)

Classes of Membership

Junior Members

Paid-up under-19’s whose applications are accepted. Entry by written application to the Membership Secretary. Junior Members do not have voting rights

Adult Members

Anyone aged 18 or over who is interested in helping HDYT, signed-up and acceptable to the Trustees.
Are members of the Charitable Company (HDYT) and eligible to vote at General Meetings.
Entry by written application to any Committee member
Membership continues until resignation or prolonged lack of contact.

Honorary Members / Patrons

Life appointments by invitation of the Trustees.

The Junior Company

For performance and box office purposes the Junior Company is known as

Dynamo Youth Theatre (DYT).

Age Range

The age range extends from the 11th Birthday to the 19th Birthday. Existing members may remain after their 19th birthday if they are involved in a production at the time.

New Membership Procedure

Membership enquiries should be directed in the first instance to the Membership Secretary. Prospective members are invited to work with DYT for a familiarisation period prior to audition. Subscriptions are payable on admittance. New members are normally eligible to audition for leading parts in their second and subsequent productions.
The maximum number of members is normally sixty-five. Ideally the membership is equally spread throughout the age range and gender.

Meeting Times

The Junior Company normally meets on Mondays at 5.30 p.m. Rehearsals also frequently take place on Thursdays and when approaching performance dates there is usually a heavy rehearsal schedule.


Paid up members are eligible to attend each week and to audition for each production. They are encouraged when appropriate to become involved in all aspects of the production including stage and musical direction and technical/backstage functions.
Members are expected to take an active part in at least one production a year and are expected to maintain and display general enthusiasm towards HDYT and its activities.
Members are expected to attend all the Junior Company productions, and Senior Company productions if suitable, and are expected to participate in HDYT fundraising events.
Theatre visits and social events are arranged on a regular basis for the benefit of Junior Members.


Subscriptions are payable three times a year at the beginning of each academic term and within three weeks of the start of term. Members joining during a term pay the full subscription for the term. Subscriptions are normally determined annually by the Treasurer and the Committee.
The Chairman may suspend any member whose subscription is late until payment is made. In case of difficulty the Chairman in consultation with the Committee may agree to special arrangements.


The Artistic Director oversees the choice of each formal production and its director. Casting is the responsibility of the production director, in consultation with the Artistic Director.
Members are asked to supply their own jazz shoes and purchase a company polo shirt.
All members are expected to sell a minimum of 5 tickets per production.

Joint Productions and other Organisations

Junior members do not participate in joint productions with the Senior Company or any other organisations, except in special circumstances approved by Artistic Director and the Committee. Members may not work with any other amateur or professional theatre organisation (with the exception of school or college activities) without approval.


Members are expected to attend the meetings regularly. If more than three consecutive weeks have elapsed without notification it will be assumed that the member has left the company.
Formal notification of absence must not be made through another member. Please telephone or leave a message with the Session Administrator.


All members are expected to have a responsible attitude towards workshops, rehearsals and productions as well as towards the Company, venue, equipment and surroundings.

The following are not allowed during any DYT activity:
Chewing of gum, smoking tobacco or any other substance, drinking alcohol, use of illegal drugs, bullying, whether it be physical or verbal.

Any member who fails to comply with any of the conditions of membership, or who brings HDYT into disrepute, may be suspended by the Chairman pending consideration by the Committee.

General Management

Havant Dynamo Youth Theatre is governed by the Trustees who in accordance with the terms of the Memorandum and Articles (available from the Secretary) take responsibility for legal and financial matters including supervision and recording of the membership, insurance, health and safety, care of capital equipment, appointing or approving the co-option/enrolment of new Adult Members, the appointments to sub-committees, use and upkeep of premises and any other matters.

There are seven Trustees. They are elected at the AGM. or appointed by existing Trustees

Artistic Management

The Artistic Director assumes responsibility for leading the artistic development of the whole Company, recognising the differing performance and learning needs of the Junior and Senior Companies. He/she works closely with the Committee in formulating and implementing policies.

He/she leads the introduction of new ideas and philosophies relating to the teaching of performance skills and encourages learning in all aspects of the performing arts, particularly drama, dance and music, developing each member according to personal needs.

He/she encourages the involvement of Adult Members who wish to improve their understanding and practice of educational drama and dance, using demonstration lessons, team teaching and additional professional expertise when appropriate.

He/she oversees the choice of each production and its director, recognising the need to maintain the developmental needs of the members and the interest of the audience.

The Artistic Director meets monthly with a panel of interested adult members (the Committee) to discuss future planning of workshops, general membership matters and productions in rehearsal.
He/she attends monthly meetings of the Committee.

Financial Management

The Committee is responsible for the management of all financial matters. The Treasurer reports regularly to the Committee.
The Committee considers budgets for each significant event. The budget includes estimates of receipts and expenditure and nominates those responsible for expenditure.

Adult Membership of HDYT

Adult Membership is open to anyone of 18 or over who is interested in furthering the work of HDYT. Applications will be welcomed by any Officer or Committee member, for consideration by the Committee.
Parents/guardians of members of the Junior Company are eligible for Adult Membership.
Adult Members are eligible to join the Committee and stand for election as Officers.


Are elected by simple majority at the AGM and remain in office for three years
One third of the Trustees retire each year and may offer themselves for re- election.
Eligible candidates may propose themselves for election.
New Trustees may be appointed by the existing Trustees. They must offer themselves for election at the next AGM


All candidates for election are proposed and seconded at the A.G.M. A ballot is held if appropriate.
The Chairman, Vice-chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are elected at the A.G.M.
The Artistic Director is appointed by the Trustees.
All Officers assume office at the end of the A.G.M. at which they are elected and retire immediately after the following A.G.M. but may offer themselves for re-election.
If any Officer ceases to hold office during his/her term a replacement will be appointed by the Committee.


The Committee consists of the Officers, appointed Adult Members and up to three Officers of the Senior Company. Two chosen representatives from the Junior Company may normally attend Committee meetings.

Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.)

A general meeting is held each year between the 1st February and 30th April. The meeting receives the Chairman’s, Treasurer’s and the Artistic Director’s reports and elects the Trustees and Officers. The meeting may also discuss any other business.

Attendance and Voting.

The following are eligible to attend and vote at the A.G.M.:
All signed-up Adult Members and Honorary Members and Patrons.

In addition, the following may attend the A.G.M.: Members of the Junior Company.
Parents/guardians of Junior Members Past members of the Committee.
Others invited by the Chairman on behalf of the Committee.

Committee meetings.

The Committee generally meets monthly. For general purposes the quorum is one third of the members of the Committee, of which at least two of whom must be Trustees.

Havant Dynamo Youth Theatre is a registered charity. Charity registration No: 1132045
Company registration No: 6757807 registered in England
Registered address: 29 Mill Close, Fishbourne, Chichester PO19 3JW