April 2021

Dynamo Road Map 2021

We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks for your support in the group over the past year. Life during Covid-19 has presented many challenges for all. During this time we’ve been given the unique opportunity to think out of the box on ways to go forward with the group. During the lockdown periods we’ve been able to continue meeting with members via Zoom. This has not always been ideal but it’s given us the opportunity to create in ways that we’ve never been able to before. Members were able to work together to write their own Radio show. When we were lucky enough to return to live meetings members were able to record their work. We were very impressed with the members. Currently, we’ve been able to work in small groups with the direction of our current Year 13s to write and direct their Shield pieces. The members of the group have really impressed us with their dedication and commitment to Dynamo.

We are excited to share with you our current Roadmap to return to Dynamo. As we’ve seen over the past year, dates and timings can change at a moment’s notice. However, we are optimistic that going forward we’ll be able to go ahead with some exciting events we have planned. Please save these dates.

19 April: Live sessions resume with limited numbers of 15 per session
21 June: Return to full sessions with all members
28 June: Dress to Impress Shield Presentation
4 July: 6th Form Fundraiser
10 July: Recruitment Funday
11 July: Presentation Event for Family and Friends of the Company

More details about the above events will be given as soon as possible. We are so incredibly grateful to have your dedication and support to the group.

View our latest risk assessment

We look forward to getting back to Dynamo!

November 2020

Back to zoom

As from today 5th November we are unfortunately back to zoom sessions.

Unlike the original lockdown, the zoom sessions will only be for your bubble, and will follow the sessions pattern.

Check the DYT Calendar for confirmation of your session day. Mary has emailed out links to parents for all sessions covering the anticipated lockdown period. If you’ve not received your email please let me know

September 2020

Waiting in the Wings

We are finally able to start making plans behind the scenes for a return to evening sessions.

The Pallant Centre has now re-opened, which is good news, however due to the size of the hall we are unable to come back on mass. Our plan is to split the group into bubbles, each bubble will meet alternate Monday’s or Thursday’s. We are currently awaiting replied from parents to know which cast members are happy to return, once we know numbers we can create our bubbles.

Currently we are working to get all the necessary bits, RA’s and PPE in place for a safe return. Unfortunately due to current Government restrictions we look to be a long way off being able to perform. So the sessions will take the form of workshops, working towards a performance when allowed. Each child will be provided with a face shield and there will be sanitiser stations around the building along with antic wipes. The kitchen area will be out of bounds so please ensure they bring a water bottle, food will not be allowed at this time.

Please keep an eye on your inboxes for updates.

August 2020

Mo Whiting 1947 – 2020

It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that we have to let you know our beloved Mo passed away at 10pm last night, Thursday the 6th August 2020.

A much loved member of the Dynamo family, she will be greatly missed by ALL.

(Shown here with past member Gabriella)

March 2020

All sessions cancelled

It's AGM Time again

HDYT Coronavirus Update – All Monday and Thursday sessions cancelled

The Trustees are continuing to up-to-date thinking in line with the government’s advice and coronavirus strategy.

Dynamo Youth Theatre has a responsibility to keep not only our members, but those who are vulnerable safe. Today we made the difficult decision to cancel all Monday and Thursday sessions with immediate effect. We realise this will be a difficult decision to accept, but we have to ensure we are taking steps to protect our members and the wider community.

We will be reviewing the situation weekly and trust you will support us at this challenging time.

These measures will also impact our AGM due to have taken place on the 27th April. This will be postponed until we can arrange alternative options with guidance from the Charity Commission.

Read the full NHS advice here.

HDYT Trustees 17th March 2020

March 2020

HDYT Coronavirus Update

The Trustees met tonight following the latest advice from Government and health officials.

Whilst the advice does not go so far as to ban public performances we feel it would be irresponsible to hold The Shield this coming Monday the 23rd. Going ahead with this performance constitutes a large social gathering and would put the audience in the way of unnecessary risk. It is with a heavy heart for the first time in 38 years we have taken the decision to postpone the event until Monday 20th July, hopefully Corona will then be behind us.

We will continue to hold the Monday and Thursday sessions, but will revise this as more information is released, should the schools close we would also temporarily close the group in line with government thinking.

During the current COVID-19 problems parents, volunteers and cast members have a vital role to play by taking sensible action to prevent the spread of COVID-19 such as ensuring that anyone with symptoms (Fever, Tiredness, Dry Cough, Breathing Difficulties) self isolates for a period of 5 days. If the symptoms persist at the end of the 5 days they should seek medical help via NHS 111 or its online service. That they DO NOT attend a session, and that they notify the session leader Mary in case of contact with other members of the group.

HDYT will ensure all volunteers, parents and cast members have access to appropriate hygiene facilities such as hot water, soap and bins to get rid of used tissues, whilst in our care.

As good practice the public are advised to maintain good hygiene standards by following the latest advice from the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) website which includes the following basic protective measures:

  • Wash your hands frequently with alcohol-based hand wash or wash with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Maintain social distancing- maintain at least 1 meter (3 feet distance) between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing
  • Avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose
  • Practice respiratory hygiene – Using the nearest waste receptacle to dispose of the tissue after use
  • Stay informed and follow the advice given by health care providers

In the UK, the National Health Service (NHS) has advised that most people can continue to go to work, school and other public places, and that self-isolation is only to be undertaken if the individual is advised to do so by the 111 online coronavirus service or a medical professional. Read the full NHS advice here.

HDYT Trustees 16th March 2020

November 2019

Cratchit’s Christmas Carol

What if Scrooge was alive today? What business would the squeezing, wrenching, grasping, scraping, clutching, covetous, old sinner be in? This new version of the timeless Victorian classic is inspired by Charles Dickens and Simon Cowell. The ghosts that haunt ‘Squeezer’ Scrooge are from the past of the music business. As Scrooge tries to rip off the NHS choir, depriving them of a Christmas number 1 record, the voices of past, present and future try and put him back on the straight and narrow – will they succeed in the 21st century?

Wednesday 8th to Saturday 11th January 2020 at 7:30pm
plus a Saturday matinee at 2:30pm
at The Pallant Centre, The Pallant, Havant PO9 1BE

September 2019


A topical, light-hearted look at the pop music business, from Dynamo Youth Theatre, that charts the turbulent rise to fame of a boy band – Freedom.
During a live performance at Wembley, when the band’s future looks bleak in the midst of rising reports of drugs, drink and public brawls, the five young stars take us back to the beginning, revealing the gritty truth.