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One pride… One people, The Spring Jan 2013

one pride one people_programme12 one pride one people_programme2 one pride one people_programme3 one pride one people_programme4 one pride one people_programme5 one pride one people_programme6 one pride one people_programme7 one pride one people_programme8 one pride one people_programme9 one pride one people_programme10 one pride one people_programme11 one-pride-one-people-10 one-pride-one-people-09 one-pride-one-people-08 one-pride-one-people-07 one-pride-one-people-06 one-pride-one-people-05 one-pride-one-people-04 one-pride-one-people-03 one-pride-one-people-02 One Pride..One People

The full company gather at the end of the day of rehearsals to let Andrew Bowker tell them which areas of the show need extra work