April 2016

Roses of Eyam

From Wed 13-16 July 2016 we will be performing ‘The Roses of Eyam’ by Don Taylor, a play largely based on the events that happened in the ‘Plague Village’ of Eyam in Derbyshire, between September 1665 and December 1666.

We are fortunate enough to be performing this play in the fantastic setting of St. Faiths Church and it’s Church Yard in West Street, Havant . With performances from the July to the , shows start at 7:30 and tickets are available from our website or by phoning 023 9245 4244

This performance is not recommended for under 10s and will include a promenade section around the Church yard which may not be suitable for those with restricted mobility.

The Great Plague that swept Britain in 1665/66.

The Roses of Eyam programme The Roses of Eyam programme2 The Roses of Eyam programme3 The Roses of Eyam programme4 The Roses of Eyam programme5 The Roses of Eyam programme6 The Roses of Eyam programme7 The Roses of Eyam programme8

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