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As some of you know, we’re moving to Slack for our dynamo team communications. Slack is a messaging app where we can talk, share files and work together. It also connects with tools we already use, like wordpress & mailchimp, as well as 500+ other apps to discover. Having everything in one place will help us work together better and faster, rather than jumping around between emails, IMs, texts and a bunch of other programs. Everything you share in Slack is automatically indexed and archived, creating a searchable archive of all of our work. We want to be using the best communication tools to help us be more productive and make our lives easier.

Before we get started, please get yourself set up:

What can Slack do for you?

  • Add transparency to team communication for greater visibility into what other teams are working on.
  • Speed up feedback and decision making.
  • Make it easier to find information and documents, thanks to Slack’s search.
  • Bring information including alerts and notifications from other tools into one place.. This means less switching between different apps and windows.