September 2020

Waiting in the Wings

We are finally able to start making plans behind the scenes for a return to evening sessions.

The Pallant Centre has now re-opened, which is good news, however due to the size of the hall we are unable to come back on mass. Our plan is to split the group into bubbles, each bubble will meet alternate Monday’s or Thursday’s. We are currently awaiting replied from parents to know which cast members are happy to return, once we know numbers we can create our bubbles.

Currently we are working to get all the necessary bits, RA’s and PPE in place for a safe return. Unfortunately due to current Government restrictions we look to be a long way off being able to perform. So the sessions will take the form of workshops, working towards a performance when allowed. Each child will be provided with a face shield and there will be sanitiser stations around the building along with antic wipes. The kitchen area will be out of bounds so please ensure they bring a water bottle, food will not be allowed at this time.

Please keep an eye on your inboxes for updates.